X Games Safety under Scrutiny Following Snowmobile Caleb Moore’s Death


This year’s X Games were held in Aspen and it has become a huge success since it started 18 years ago. The ESPN produced X Games have grown to attract a huge fan base of snow-based sports enthusiasts, sponsors as well as broadcasters. This year’s games in particular are said to have broken viewership records with 35.4 million viewers in the US alone.

The incident has raised concerns over the safety of the X Games which thrive on dare devil stunts and tricks. Deadspin’s sports writer Brent Rose exclaimed his dismay over multiple accidents he witnessed during the games, saying that “It’s only a matter of time before someone dies at the X-Games.” The report he wrote was published yesterday morning, before news about Moore’s death spread.

The popularity of the games has driven snow-based sports professionals to continually dare more risky tricks seeking victory during the event. Moore was not the only causality of the incidence and if safety measures are not given concern many more might just become casualties of the sports.


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