Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Jack Butler dies


Butler spent his last months in a hospital bed fighting a staph infection. The infection plagued him since 1959 when his career ended. According to his son, John Butler, his heart suddenly stopped yesterday morning.

Jack Butler began his NFL football career in the summer of 1951 after he received a phone call from Fran Forgarty, Steelers business manager. In the next nine years Butler not only became NFL’s top defensive player but he practically revolutionized the way cornerbacks played.

Dan Rooney, Steelers chairman, had the following to say: “He was an excellent person both on and off the field, and he played an integral role in the BLESTO scouting program and our entire draft process before his retirement”

Everybody will agree that there was no secret to Butler’s success in the NFL. Sure he was smart but the reason why he played that great is because he loved football. He always knew he would get away with the kind of contact which other players in today’s NFL games only dream of.


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