Power Outage Causes Super Bowl CBS’ Broadcast to go Silent for Thirty Minutes

The telecast for XLVII Super Bowl telecast got marred by power outage. The game at Superdome, New Orleans with Baltimore Ravens leading San Francisco 49ers was delayed for 30 minutes as the building went into darkness and the broadcast was silenced. The outage occurred during the 3rd quarter of the game. CBS was forced to switch to half time crew which was anchored by James Brown to fill in with football analysis as CBS booth was without power and the microphone used by Phil Simms went off.

Players were forced to wait for 30 minutes before power resumed, and they could continue with the game. Eric Eagan, the Superdome spokesman said they were sincerely apologetic about the incident. There is no official statement from the NFL as to what might have caused the incident and the stadium officials say they are still investigating the issue.

New Orleans Entergy supplies power to the stadium and the spokesman, Phillip Allison said their transmission and distribution feeds to the Superdome were working perfectly and as such, he could not explain where the problem was. However, he added it was likely the outage was as a result of malfunction of equipment maintained and operated by the staff working for the stadium.