Driver Romain Grosjean escaped from horrible crash at the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix


Romain Grosjean suffered a horrific crash at the Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. The driver hit the ArmCo barrier on the exit of Turn Three, causing his car to burst into flames. The front of his car penetrated the metal surface. The car was torn into two, with the power unit and complete rear suspension coming apart from the cockpit due to the force in the accident. The medical car was immediately on the scene. The driver emerged from the car and could be seen speaking to race medics. “Romain has some minor burns on his hands and ankles but otherwise he is ok,”was confirmed. He was transported to hospital being fortunate to survive the horrific accident. The Frenchman was running towards the back of the field when he veered from left to right to try and overtake, unaware that the AlphaTauri was alongside.


FIA race director Michael Masi immediately red flagged the race and brought the cars back to the pits, with extensive barrier repairs being required to the section where Grosjean crashed. At least 45 minutes would be needed before a full race restart could take place. The FIA will conduct a thorough investigation into the crash and many more details need to be uncovered to understand the full scope of both the accident and Grosjean’s escape.