Car crash at a motorsport championship with autonomous electrically powered vehicles


The damaged vehicle was an automatic autonomous  Devbot car, externally controlled by artificial intelligence software using a laser-based Lidar (light detection and ranging) system and other sensors to guide themselves. Such cars also communicate to avoid collisions with each other. During the race, a Devbot car was able to slow down when a dog ran onto the track, avoid it and take another path. Development of the Robocar started in early 2016, with a first outing of a test vehicle, the so-called “DevBot”, following in the summer of the same year. This was, now,for the first time, a competition between two automatic cars, but the Roborace company intends to align soon10 teams of robotic cars against each other, each powered by different AI software. The next Formula E race will be in Mexico City on 1 April.


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