Jesse Eisenberg confused for Mark Zuckerberg


Apparently the movie was so popular and had such a big impact on its viewers that many people confuse the leading actor for Mark Zuckerberg.

The actor went to see the gold medal USA vs Spain basketball game in London the other day. The camera crew was doing a short panorama view of the spectators. Jesse Eisenberg was shortly in the camera focus. During this time someone from NBC remarked the actor’s presence. His immediate comments were: “putting pictures on Facebook” and “big-name corporate leaders are in attendance”.

The NBC broadcast team confused Jesse Eisendberg for Mark Zuckerberg. This is a common thing and very often people confuse the leading actor with the real person in case of movies inspired from real life. Unfortunately this can only be bad news for the actor. An actor that transmits a fixed role image or even a fixed person image will less likely get more parts in movies to come.


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