Adidas puts wrong logo on Duje Dukan’s Wisconsin warm-up shirt


Duje Dukan wrote the following message on Twitter exposing Adidas’ mistake: “Hey @adidasHoops thanks so much for the official Wisconsin Bearcats warmup!”. The message was followed by a photo of his warm-up shirt where it was clearly visible that Adidas sent a shirt with the Cincinnati Bearcats logo stitched on the sleeve.

Wisconsin’s mascot is the Badgers and while this might seem as a small mistake it just can’t go not noticed. On the bright side Dukan can now brag that he has a collector’s item which could be worth a lot of money if sold to the right buyer. Such mistakes in sports memorabilia often make these one of a kind items worth a lot to the collectors. We have provided below a screenshot of the original Twitter message with the attached photo.



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