Washington’s John Wall pulls off absurd no-look shot


Mike Dunleavy from Chicago Bulls managed to pull a fast break on John Wall but little did he knew what was about to unfold next. Showing his amazing agility Wall spinned 180 degrees and managed to throw the ball over his shoulder. John Wall was probably inches away from an awkward landing that would have twisted his knee. But to everyone's amazement his shot was successful as it banked off the glass and then in. Some players from Chicago Bulls were so amazed of what just happened that they stopped and watched the big screens for the replay.

Expert sport analysts see John Wall slow but steady progress. After entering the leagues as a Number one overall pick with huge potential he was quickly seen as a risk but ever since he improved his game. This shot required a lot of luck too but John Wall looks like a near-lock this season to make it his first All-Star team.


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