Celtics Topped Over Lakers, Sixers Clipped Nuggets

In a stunning victory, the Boston Celtics won 109-96 against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA finals over the weekend, January 30. With Paul Pierce scoring 32 points and Kevin Garnett garnering 18 points and 13 rebounds, the Celtics secured the victory notwithstanding Laker's Kobe Bryant's 41 points, in Los Angeles, California.

The Boston Celtics performed a purely offensive game, hitting nine pointers, 34 assists and 43 rebounds; as compared to Los Angeles Lakers' 30 rebounds and 10 assists.

In the second quarter, Kevin Garnett was cut in his left temple after Pau Gasol hit him across while trying to grab the ball. Despite the large, funny-looking bandage on his head for the most part of the game, Kevin Garnett still played well with 18 points and 13 rebounds.

Celtics' Paul Pierce has said that the game against Los Angeles Lakers was an emotional one, as they have lost Game 7. The Boston Celtics has won 8 of out 10. However, Lakers coach Phil Jackson downplayed his team's lost, saying that “Is it playoffs yet? No.”

Meanwhile, Sixers' Andre Iguodala showed off his finest play in the entire season with 24 points, 7 assists, 4 steals and 3 rebounds, when he secured a hard-fought victory for Philadelphia 76ers against Denver Nuggets, 110 to 99, in Philadelphia over the weekend.

The highlights of the game included Sixers' Thaddeus Young scoring 21 points off the bench and Nuggets' Chauncy Billups leading his team with 27 points. However, the latter was basically scoreless in four minutes of the fourth quarter.