Kidnapped Baseball player was rescued in Venezuela

Wilson Ramos a major league is found alive while he was reported kidnapped by gunman two days earlier, report by Venezuela state media. 

Wilson Ramos was rescued by the security services in Montalba. It is a mountainous area. The place is about 60 miles far from north central Venezuelan city. He was last seen here before the kidnap.

Another state run TV channel VTV reported that Ramos is unharmed and healthy after the rescue.

The justice minister Tareck El Assami said that he is very happy to announce that the rescue operation for Ramos took place in the state of Carabobo. He also mentioned that when they heard about the kidnapping it was decided under order of President Hugo Chavez that the entire police unit will take part in the rescue operation.

Wilson Ramos is a rising star of Baseball. He plays for Washington Nationals. He is a rookie in the team and a very good player. He was in his native country Venezuela to play the Venezuela’s winter league. His first game was with Aragua Tigers. But before the game he was kidnapped by gunman.  A team spokeswoman said that he was kidnapped from his mother’s house situated in Santa Ines on Wednesday.

The authority is taking a good care of the case. They said on Thursday that the SUV that they believe was used in kidnapping is found. They have also made sketches of two gunmen that are suspects.

The news was highly praised by the Washington Nationals officials. The team’s manager Mike Rizzo said that the news from Venezuela tonight was reassuring. They are also eager to see Wilson and let him know that how many fans were waiting to hear this news worldwide.

Ramos is a 24 year old baseball player. He plays for Washington Nationals and he is a rookie in the team. He is an emerging top catcher of the team for the past season. His record is also very good. He has a .267 batting average. 15 home runs and 52 runs batted in are his career records.

All the baseball players’ play in United States is the targets of the kidnappers. The base ball players are targeted for their money. But the incident of taking a player himself is the first time happened.  They usually kidnap a family person for ransom.

The kidnapping incident is rising in Venezuela day by day and about 23 kidnappings a day is occurring. It is alarming for the law enforcement department of Venezuela and they need to take step to prevent this as soon as possible.

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