The Starliner capsule will return to Earth without completing its mission

The Starliner capsule from Boeing launched successfully on an Atlas rocket from Florida, Friday. However, it suffered technical problems that prevented it from taking the right path to the International Space Station.

In fact, the capsule burnt too much fuel as it fired its engines, leaving an insufficient supply to complete its planned mission. The error, which engineers refer to as an anomaly with the Mission Elapsed Time, triggered the capsule to over-control its location. A landing is expected at New Mexico's White Sands testing range on Sunday. Parachutes and airbags will be used to make a soft touchdown on desert terrain. The space agency cut the live feed as the mission ran into problems. The Starliner was carrying Christmas treats and presents for the six space station residents. It’s been nearly nine years since Nasa astronauts have launched from the U.S. The last time was July 8, 2011.


Boeing has long been involved in NASA’s human spacecraft program, from Project Mercury to the shuttle and station programs. It began preliminary work on the Starliner in 2010. After today launch, Boeing released a statement. „The spacecraft currently is in a safe aqnd stable confoguration,” they said.