An experiment in space with red wine

NASA has sent twelve bottles of red wine to the International Space Station (ISS) in a special science experiment. Each wine bottle was packed in a metal canister to prevent breakage.

The red wine from Bordeaux will age for a year in space stored on the ISS at 18 degrees Celsius before being brought back down to Earth and researchers hope to study how radiation in space affects the ageing process, in fact components in the wine, such as polyphenols, crystals and tannins. After, the space-aged wine will be compared with Bordeaux wine aged on Earth. It was predicted that the wine will taste different at the end of the experiment. Researchers goal is to  develop new flavors and properties for the food industry. 


NASA is opening the space station to more business opportunities like this. Astronauts aboard the ISS will test the 'Zero-G' oven by baking chocolate chip cookies from dough that was sent into space by Hilton Double Tree earlier this year. In 2015, a Japanese company known for its whiskey and other alcoholic drinks sent up samples, while scotch also visited space in another experiment. No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on the space station.