The European Space Agency was forced to change a satellite orbit


ESA team decided to increase the altitude of its Aeolus satellite to avoid a collision. The maneuver took place around half an orbit before the potential collision. ESA is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) system to automate the process of avoiding collisions in space. “This is how air traffic control has worked for many decades, and now space operators need to get together to define automated manoeuvre coordination,” ESA said. It is very rare to perform collision avoidance manoeuvres with active satellites and it will soon become impossible to manually avoid collisions in space as the number of satellites increases steeply.

Computer satellites diagram

Three types of collisions have occurred involving artificial satellites orbiting the Earth: intentional collisions intended to destroy the satellite with various motivations, unintentional low-speed collisions during failed rendezvous and docking operations or unintentional high-speed collisions between active satellites and orbital debris.


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