A new star system was discovered by NASA’s TESS telescope


The system is located in the southern constellation Pictor.  One of them is a so-called “super-Earth.” It is roughly 25 percent larger than Earth and is estimated to have a mass around 1.9 times greater than Earth’s. TOI 270b is just 2.79 million miles from its sun. The planet fairly sprints through its orbits, completing a single revolution, AKA one year, in 3.4 Earth days.“This star is quiet and very close to us, and therefore much brighter than the host stars of comparable systems. With extended follow-up observations, we’ll soon be able to determine the make-up of these worlds, establish if atmospheres are present and what gases they contain, and more,” the study’s lead author, Maximilian Günther said.


Günther also added that the discovery of TOI-270 will let researchers look at the “‘missing link’ between rocky Earth-like planets and gas-dominant mini-Neptunes, because here all of these types formed in the same system.” TOI 270 is an excellent laboratory for studying, scientists consider. James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch in 2021, will can do this.


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