NASA will send a female astronaut on the moon


This mission will be be a giant leap for women. This time, the space agency wants to make camp, and to get there it’s taking an entirely different approach to the Apollo missions. The program it’s named for the Greek goddess and twin sister of Apollo, the venerable Artemis.Some remain skeptical that the mission will even happen. But it’s not the most difficult thing to be depassed. The Congress must approve President Trump’s upgraded budget which includes an additional US$1.6 billion for the agency this year. The mission will also require the most powerful rocket ever designed, a new launch system, a fresh approach to lunar landing systems, a floating “gateway” station between Earth and the Moon that does not currently exist, and brand new lunar space suits for everyone.

Human trace on the Moon

America will have at the same time an outpost on the way to Mars, quietly orbiting in the gravity between Earth and its Moon. The revised plan from NASA calls for launching components of the small, space-station-like Lunar Gateway on commercial rockets by 2024.


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