Capsule Crew Dragon’s demo flight to the ISS was a success


After its successful launch and travel, the spaceship tightly screwed itself to Node 2 of the space station. Its Demo-1 mission is “a critical first step” in restoring US-crewed access to space, since the goal is to prove the new spaceship is safe to fly its astronauts. “A new generation of space flight starts now with the arrival of @SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to the @Space_Station,” Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, tweeted. The last American human-rated ship to touch the space station was in July 2011. The three-person Expedition 58 crew opened the hatch, floated inside Crew Dragon at 8:07 a.m., and held a greeting ceremony for Crew Dragon live on NASA TV.

Inside the Crew Dragon space capsule

“On behalf of my crew, I would like to congratulate the United States of America and the NASA team for this very significant event: the launch and docking of the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship,” Oleg Kononenko, a Russian crew member and the Expedition 58 commander, spoke in the beginning of yje ceremony. SpaceX has been delivering and collecting simple cargos from the ISS using its Dragon spacecraft for years before. The Crew Dragon spacecraft’s docking procedure is a little different, relying on automated control software to attach itself to the desired module on the outside of the station.It was the first autonomous docking of any US spacecraft to the ISS.


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