Swarm Technologies company was fined by the Federal Communications Commission


The company had also done some unlawful tests with weather balloons and other equipment before the launch. The fine was decided after the Federal Communications Commission investigated the launch which used an Indian PSLV rocket. The agency was worried that the SpaceBEEs were too small and would be difficult to track from Earth, making it hard to know if they might collide with other satellites.The Swarm Technologies company will also have to adhere to a “strict compliance plan” and must submit extra documentation to the FCC whenever it hopes to launch more satellites in the future. Within the next two months, Swarm must establish its own “compliance plan” and appoint a compliance officer to make sure the company adheres to all of the regulations surrounding a satellite launch.

Tiny satellite launched by the Swarm Technologies

Swarm says it will comply with all the terms. The agency  approved the launch of three additional Swarm satellites which successfully flew to space on top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in early December. Whenever a satellite operator sends a probe into space, the company must receive approval from the FCC. The government agency is responsible for allocating which radio frequencies the company can use in order to communicate with its satellites.


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