Planet Farout, the most-distant solar system ever discovered


“2018 VG18” which researchers also call „Farout”, a dwarf planet more than 310 miles in diameter, with a pinkish hue, is now the most-distant solar system ever  discovered. It is more than 120 times farther than Earth is from the sun. It was discovered as part of a search for suspected Planet X. Its slow orbit probably takes more than 1,000 years to make one trip around the sun, the researchers said. The object was found by the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Scott S. Sheppard, the University of Hawaii’s David Tholen and Northern Arizona University’s Chad Trujillo. Farout was found using the Japanese Subaru 8-meter telescope on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea in November. Researchers believe it may have an ice-rich body based on the color. Farout’s orbit is yet to be determined.

Scale of planets distances

“2018 VG18 is much more distant and slower moving than any other observed Solar System object, so it will take a few years to fully determine its orbit,” Scott S. Sheppard from the Carnegie Institution for Science said. The second-most-distant observed Solar System object is Eris, at about 96 AU.  Pluto is currently at about 34 AU. 1 AU is defined as the distance between the Earth and the Sun and translates into 93 million miles.


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