A new planet, called Super Earth, was discovered at 30 trillion miles from us


The planet receives 2 percent of the intensity that Earth gets from the sun since the nearby star, the red dwarf Barnard, billions of years older, is cooler and smaller than our sun. So at about minus 170 degrees Celsius it’s probably a terrible place to live. The exoplanet is the second closest known exoplanet to Earth, the first was known Proxima Centauri.To find the Super Earth, astronomers used more than 20 years of data, which included 771 measurements. “After a very careful analysis, we are over 99 per cent confident that the planet is there, since this is the model that best fits our observations,” said lead author Ignasi Ribas, researcher at the Spanish National Research Council.

Barnard Star System

Super Earth has an orbital period of about 230 days. This Earth like size exoplanet may be the first to be photographed by a new generation of powerful telescopes. “This is probably the first Earth-sized planet we will directly image by future missions,” Abel Méndez, an astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo said. The newly discovered planet is about as far from its star as Mercury is from the sun. Future observations may find that the Earth-size world isn’t alone.


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