Scientists discovered a very distant planet beyond Pluto


The findings were announced Tuesday by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center.  The new discovered object has an orbit that seems to suggest there is a Super-Earth wobbling it from afar. “These distant objects are like breadcrumbs leading us to Planet X,” said Scott Sheppard, the Carnegie astronomer who helped lead the research. It’s the so called Planet X which can shap their orbits. The newly discovered object is called 2015 TG387, probably a small dwarf planet at just 300km across, currently at about two and a half times further away from the Sun than Pluto is. Its orbit takes it to about 2,300 AU,  2,300 times as far away from the sun as we are, and vastly more than the already huge 34 AU that the distant Pluto sits at.

Distant planet – artist vision

The object is one of the strangest things that astronomers have ever spotted within our own solar system. According to NASA, “the existence of this distant world is only theoretical at this point and no direct observation of the object nicknamed have been made.” “We think there could be thousands of small bodies like 2015 TG387 out on the solar system’s fringes, but their distance makes finding them very difficult,” said the University of Hawaii’s David Tholen, a member of the research team.


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