NASA launched the „ CO2 Conversion Challenge” idea competition


just announced the CO2 Conversion Challenge, which asks teams of scientists and inventors to come up with a way to turn CO2 into molecules that can be used to produce all manner of things. Big prize money was announced. For the beginning, is asking teams to focus on converting CO2 to glucose. „Because CO2 is readily abundant within the Martian atmosphere, such technologies will translate into in-situ manufacturing of products to enable humans to live and thrive on the planet, and also be implemented on Earth by using both waste and atmospheric CO2 as a resource,” the agency says.


Teams or individuals who want to participate will need to register by January 24, 2019, and then officially apply by February 28. Experts will review each plan and award up to $250,000 spread across up to five individuals or teams. The administration has also revealed that it’s ready to award up to $750,000 to the individual, team, or teams that can demonstrate that their system(s) work as intended and could be used by astronauts on Mars. Registration is open now. Based on the actual knowledge, it’s still difficult to capture CO2 and put it to good use. The most interesting part is that a good solution, if will be found, can be used even on Earth because CO2 levels here are higher than they’ve ever been and that’s contributing to climate change.


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