Planned trip in space around moon for private individuals promised by SpaceX was postponed


While the two individuals who have not been named paid a “significant” deposit, their trip is postponed. The reason for the delay is unclear at this time. SpaceX has not publicly released any new timeline for the mission, first announced in February 2017 referring to 2018. “SpaceX also is confronting industry doubts about market demand for its Falcon Heavy rocket,” a media report said on Monday. However, SpaceX reaffirmed is still planning to fly private individuals around the moon and said there is growing interest from many customers. They think for real this will be a future business even if the whole technical effort will serve only to satisfy some privilegiate persons for their own pleasure.

A SpaceX launch

There are not news from SpaceX competitors who previously declared intention to organize space trips too. SpaceX is also planning to send astronauts to the International Space Station later this year, marking the first time since the US space shuttle program ended in 2011 that people have blasted to space from US soil. At this time, with over 50 years of service, the Soyuz spacecraft of Russia remains the only way to get humans to and from the ISS in spite of continued promises and schedule slips from the likes of SpaceX, Boeing and NASA.


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