Significant size asteroid will pass between Earth and Moon in two days at big speed


It’s estimated to measure between 197 and 427 feet (60 to 130 meters),  as big as the Statue of Liberty or longer than a football field. It will be one of the closest approaches ever observed of an asteroid of this size. Astronomers believe it will be safe for the planet. 2010 WC9 was first detected by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona on November 30, 2010. It was lost from observation for almost eight years. The asteroid’s closest approach to our planet will come at 6:05 p.m. EDT (22:05 UTC) on May 15, when 2010 WC9 will pass just 126,419 miles (203,451 kilometers) from Earth.


Tuesday’s visitor won’t be visible to the naked eye but star gazers might be able to catch a glimpse of it with a telescope. For those interestewd, the Northolt Branch Observatories (NBO) in London, England, will be live streaming the close encounter on its Facebook page ( if the weather forecast remains positive. 2010 WC9 possibly bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteo2010 WC9 possibly bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor.


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