The next goal for rich people will be a space trip with two weeks accomodation at a space hotel


Developed by US-based space technology start-up Orion Span, the fully modular space station will host six people at a time, including two crew members, for 12-day trips. “Our goal is to make space accessible to all,” Frank Bunger, CEO and founder of Orion Span, said in a statement. Attractions such to see 16 sunrises in one day and floating in zero gravity will be available. Aurora Station will fly at a height of 200 miles above the Earth’s surface in Low Earth Orbit and will orbit Earth every 90 minutes. Guests can have live video chats back home via high-speed wireless Internet access.

Aurora Space Station – hotel project

Travelers will complete a three-month Orion Span Astronaut Certification (OSAC) program before take-off. Orion Span has a team of space industry veterans who together have more than 140 years of human space experience. Aurora Station will also support zero gravity research and space manufacturing, as secondary alternative activities. Another project, managed by a Texas-based company and known as AXIOM Space has plans to put a commercial space station in orbit by 2024. Vigin Galactic is another project with the aim of taking passengers briefly into sub-orbital space. It will charge  $250,000 for its trips.


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