The most distant star ever observed was discovered using Hubble’s Telescope data


Normally the star would be too faint to view, even with the world’s biggest and most powerful telescopes. But astronomers using ’s Hubble Space Telescope were able to pinpoint this faraway star and set a new distance record using a method called gravitational lensing which can magnify the distant universe and make visible certain objects that are dim and far away. The light from the star was magnified 2,000 times. The fact was possible during a rare cosmic alignement. The star showed up in Hubble images taken between April 2016 and April 2017.


The discovered distant star is twice hot as our sun. Astronomers nicknamed it Icarus, known more formally as MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1 (LS1). „This star is at least 100 times farther away than the next individual star we can study, except for supernova explosions,” lead study author Patrick Kelly said in a statement. Kelly’s team examined the colors coming from Icarus’ light and found that it was a blue supergiant. . Astronomers might be able to catch more of these rare events in general if they look in the right location.


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