A museum offers $25,000 to person who will find a crashed meteorite in Maine


The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel , Washington County, which houses the largest display of meteorites from Mars and the moon on Earth, is offering $25,000 to the lucky person who finds a meteorite which crashed on Earth before noon Saturday, after flying over Maine like a fireball that was bright even with the sun out. It was observed for four minutes and 40 seconds before it made impact near the Canadian border, NASA said.


The object must weigh at least 1 kilogram or more. The fall site is forested. There are people who decided to search for the meteorite. Simply, it’s not an every day opportunity. NASA says this was the first-time radar has ever caught a meteorite falling in the state. The weather radar that identified the falling space rock, known as NEXRAD, has been in operation since 1996. For the instant, nothing was found on the ground. Worldwide, only eight to 10 meteorites are recovered each year out of hundreds.