Scientists believe the water formed long before the Sun


Astronomers announced the first evidence that links the water in our solar system to the “interstellar medium.” “This means that the water in our Solar System was formed long before the Sun, planets, and comets formed,” Merel van ‘t Hoff, an astronomer at the University of Michigan said in a statement. This water got directly incorporated into the Solar System during its formation. The astronomers used the powerful telescopes at the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, or ALMA located at over 16,000 feet of elevation in Chile, to view water around V883 Orionis, a protostar about 1300 light-years away.


They concluded the water gradually accumulates on comets, asteroids, moons, and planets. „We can now trace the origins of water in our Solar System to before the formation of the Sun, billions of years ago” scientists said (John J. Tobin, NRAO). Previous research shows that at least some of Earth’s water was delivered by comets early in Earth’s history.