SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy rocket


It have been dispatched into an elliptical orbit around the Sun that reaches out as far as the Planet Mars. All three boost stages , the lower segments of the rocket , returned to Earth to attempt controlled landings, but the third booster had insufficient propellant left to slow the descent, missed the target vessel and was destroyed as it hit the water at some 500km/h. This rocket will be capable not only to deliver to Mars but even to visit the outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn and their moons. Hubble’s successor, the , will be also launched next year.

The rocket launch

This time and for beginning, the Falcon Heavy shot ’s Tesla Roadster toward Mars. Falcon Heavy’s uppermost stage coasted through intense radiation fields around Earth’s magnetic Van Allen belt. Radiation didn’t zap the electronics. The system is expected to cost about $90 million per launch. The key to Falcon Heavy’s low cost lies in the reusability of its 134-foot-tall boosters, each of which costs tens of millions of dollars to build.


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