Trump administration plans to end financial support for the International Space Station


The official budget proposal will be released February 12 and Congress will then review it. spends about $4 billion annually to support the International Space Station and its astronauts living there, and the agency spent nearly $100 billion over more than a decade to construct the station. Now, President Trump wants establishing a small space station in the vicinity of the moon, known as the Deep Space Gateway.

The International Space Station

’s objectives will include “Pursuing a cislunar campaign that will establish US preeminence to, around, and on the Moon.”  has not enough money to pat to pay for the enormous Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, the Orion crew spacecraft, the Deep Space Gateway (DSG), and continue funding the .. The station in low-Earth orbit consumes about 40 percent of NASA’s budget for human exploration The International Space Station, started in 1998 and completed in 2011, has become a valuable hub for commercial ventures to test technologies in space. This may become a source for funding. Companies like Made in Space, as well as Orbital ATK, Sierra Nevada, Boeing, SpaceX, and other commercial service providers oppose an end to station support before 2028.


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