Researchers located more precisely the source of distant radio bursts


In fact, the blasts emit more energy in a single millisecond than our sun does all day. In other words, these  bursts of light are one billion times brighter than anything seen before. Researchers reported in the journal Nature that the signals appeared to come from an extreme environment that was “among the most highly magnetized regions of space ever observed”.


“This is exotic. If we had one of these on the other side of our own galaxy , the Milky Way , it would disrupt radio here on Earth, and we’d notice, as it would saturate the signal levels on our smartphones,” said Shami Chatterjee, senior research associate in astronomy at Cornell University. These radio bursts were first discovered in 2007. The huge pulse of radio waves is more than 500 times greater any other fast radio burst observed to date. The latest data came from telescopes at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico and Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia. Until recently, many experts speculated that FRBs are produced by cataclysmic events such as stars exploding into supernovas, or neutron stars collapsing into blackholes but they are very repetitive. Some believe FRBs are from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.


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