NASA’s Artemis I rocket was not launched Saturday as it was schduled


The launch of the rocket was cancelled for a second time on Saturday even there was a 60% chance of favorable weather conditions for the launch. The countdown halted at 11:17 a.m. EDT after a new liquid hydrogen fuel leak occurred. Engineers tried to solve it using various troubleshooting procedures but the attempt was unsuccessful. Liquid hydrogen is one of the propellants used in the rocket’s large core stage. NASA will likely try to lift off again the rocket early next week. NASA administrator Bill Nelson said that the mission managers will hold a meeting to discuss the next steps and determine if a launch is possible on Monday or Tuesday, or if the rocket stack needs to be rolled back into the Vehicle Assembly Building.


The Artemis mission is years behind schedule and billions over budget. On the first unmaned flight of the mission three mannequins, named Commander Moonikin Campos, Helga and Zohar will be in the Orion capsule. The development of the Artemis program intends to land diverse astronaut crews at previously unexplored regions of the moon.