NASA’s Artemis I Moon rocket prepares to a new launch rehearsal test


NASA’s arrived at the spaceport’s Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The huge rocket 98 meters) is the largest ever built by NASA. Now, the vehicle stack and ground systems await another attempt to fuel the rocket and simulate a launch countdown for a critical series of tests. The space agency must succeed at completing a full launch rehearsal, which it has thus fair failed to do and now is scheduled to happen in about two weeks. The upcoming wet dress rehearsal for Artemis 1 is slated to kick off on June 19 and last about 48 hours. The rocket was connected to the ground systems.


NASA team experienced three failed attempts to complete a full-fledged wet dress rehearsal in April and many issues were since solved. Officials at NASA have refrained from picking a firm date for the Artemis 1 mission, The launch of the SLS rocket as part of the Artemis 1 mission (an uncrewed mission to the Moon and back) has already been pushed back from June to no earlier than August. future Artemis missions aim to return humans to the moon for the first time since 1972.