Boeing’s Starliner capsule landing was a success, Wednesday


Boeing’s Starliner capsule landed intact in the New Mexico desert on Wednesday. Starliner landed at the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range, after hitting our planet’s air at about 17 times the speed of sound. Starliner ended up landing exactly where and when it was supposed to. Terra touchdowns aren’t the traditional norm for American orbital crew capsules; NASA’s Apollo spacecraft and SpaceX’s Dragon vehicle have both exclusively wrapped up their space missions with ocean splashdowns. The capsule has brought about 600 pounds of cargo back to Earth.The mission completed one of its most important test objectives, reaching the ISS and docking successfully. It was a long way to achieve this performance.


The mission is part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which challenged private companies with creating space taxis to carry people to low Earth orbit. Boeing received nearly $5 billion in contracts to build the capsule. Boeing’s next Starliner mission is expected to be the Crew Flight Test. Some operations to rectify parts wich malfunctioned maybe needed before, as throughout the mission Starliner encountered a number of issues. Over the coming months, NASA and Boeing will study the failures that occurred on this flight. “I am incredibly proud of the dedication and perseverance shown by the NASA, Boeing and ULA team culminating in the successful completion of Starliner’s second Orbital Flight Test from start to finish,” said Steve Stich, manager, NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.