The Artemis 1 mission launch was rescheduled for the late summer


The Artemis 1 mission phase 1, based on a mega rocket (322-foot/ 98 meter-tall) with an Orion crew capsule on top, which encountered several problems, including a stuck valve on the mission’s mobile launch tower and a hydrogen leak, was delayed again. “We’re looking right now at that next wet dress in the early to mid-June timeframe,” Jim Free, associate administrator for the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters said. “It is a challenge to work these new systems and these complicated vehicles,” Free added. Artemis 1 will send an uncrewed Orion on a roughly month-long journey around the moon. The necessary crucial test to be completed before the launch, known as the wet dress rehearsal, simulates every stage of launch without the rocket leaving the launchpad.


The Artemis team is now looking at launch windows for sending Artemis I on its journey to the moon in late summer: between July 26 and August 9, August 23 to August 29 and September 2 to September 6. The Artemis program is expected to return humans to the moon and land the first woman and the first person of color on the lunar surface by 2025.