Powerful solar flare caused radio blackout this morning


explained that the flare is ranked as an X 1.8 and was unleashed from Active Region 11598 of the sun. There’s no wonder the caused problems because the X1.8 category represents the strongest types of solar flares.

The area from the sun named by scientists Active Region 11598 has produced three other strong flares that targeted Earth in just two days after becoming visible from our planet. Astronomer Tony Phillips explains that this is bad news as most likely the same sunspot will keep producing more powerful solar flares that will target us.

These solar flares are caused when certain sunspots have an increased magnetic activity. A solar flare’ strength is measured in energy classes. Class M is used for moderate flares, Class C for week solar flares and Class X is used for the most powerful solar storms. Today’s solar flare caused a short radio blackout on Earth. This is possible because solar flares sometimes cause geo-magnetic storms. A powerful geo-magnetic storm can disrupt power grids and radio communications.


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