Several asteroids will make close approach to Earth in January


Five are set to make a close approach to Earth this month, first on January 6, according to the Central for Near-Earth Object Studies. They’re closer to Earth than 7.5 million kilometers, which is 19.5 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Two are bigger than the Eiffel Tower. The bigger of the two, 2008 AF4, is nearly half a kilometre wide.Even the smallest of the five , 2021 AJ, is traveling fast enough to release as much energy as the Hiroshima bomb blast if it were to crash into the planet. It can destroy an entire city. However, according NASA, none of these are an immediate threat. When an asteroid collides with a planet, it is usually a disaster.


According to NASA, anything that passes within 120 million miles of Earth is classified as a Near Earth Object (NEO). Asteroid impacts have happened in the past with Earth and can certainly happen in the future. It only happens every few thousand years or longer.More than a million asteroids were discovered until now. Luckily there are no known asteroid threats to Earth for at least 100 years.