Astronomers will search for evidence of tech built by aliens


The pattern to search for aliens is changing right now.An international team of scientists led by a prominent Harvard astronomer announced a new initiative Monday to look for evidence of technology built by extraterrestrial civilizations. It’s , a nonprofit scientific initiative, purely scientific, without political or military involvement, based on the creation of a global network of medium-sized telescopes, cameras and computers to investigate unidentified flying objects. Such telescopes, which cost about $500,000 each, can spot details just 1 millimeter in size on objects the size of a person a mile away. will search for physical evidence of alien civilizations, rather than radio signals.”We can no longer ignore the possibility that technological civilizations precedated us,” Professor Avi Loeb told at a news conference.


While traditional SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) efforts have often focused on either finding less-intelligent life or detecting radio waves, Loeb has taken a different approach. The project includes researchers from Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Caltech and the University of Stockholm. Apart from studying UFOs, wants to investigate objects that visit our solar system from interstellar space, and searching for alien satellites that might be probing Earth. Earlier this year, Loeb published his book on ‘Oumuamua and was featured in articles and on television and podcasts. The $1.75 million project is backed by at least four philanthropists. There is no official timetable yet for the project, but it could possibly see results by 2023.