Billionaire Jeff Bezos ready for his space flight


Tuesday July 20, is the day scheduled for aboard on the New Shepard suborbital capsule and rocket system built by his company – Blue Origin. He’s also bringing along a few guests on this inaugural journey — his brother, Mark Bezos; Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot and one of the “Mercury 13” women and an 18-year old recent high school graduate named Oliver Daemen, who will be the first paying customer aboard. The team was trained for the flight at Blue Origin’s Astronaut Training Center. The passengers will spend 11 minutes in space, including a few minutes in weightlessness. A press conference with Bezos and other astronauts will begin two hours after the moment of the flight start.


They received 14 hours of training over two days. “Our training is comprehensive and gets crew prepped for everything they need to know about the vehicle,” Blue Origin lead flight director Steve Lanius said during a press conference Sunday. Bezos team received training in how to use the capsule for nominal, “off nominal” and emergency procedures, including common problems that professional astronauts are trained for like fire response, emergency mask usage, and exiting the spacecraft in a hurry on the pad. Aside from Mercury 13 aviator Wally Funk, the crew members have little direct flight experience to prepare them for spaceflight. We’re ready. The vehicle is ready,” the Amazon founder told on Monday speaking form inside the training capsule.