The Chinese project “Yuegong-365”


The experiment is intended to test the human survival and will require the student volunteers to recycle everything from organic and inorganic trash to human waste. “We’ve designed it so the oxygen (produced by plants at the station) is exactly enough to satisfy the humans, the animals, and the organisms that break down the waste materials,” professor Liu Hong told to media.


The volunteers for the Chinese spatial project

Two bunkers have been converted into quarters that replicate living in a space habitat, minus the zero gravity. China’s Bioregenerative Life Support System will work in a moon-like environment. The four volunteers are two men and two women studying at Beihang. Their mental health and behavior of the volunteers will also be observed. A specific set of daily tasks will exist for each volunteer. The Chinese researchers conducted before some experiments with animals and a first group of volunteers in a mission of only 60 days. Sending crewed missions to the moon –which is the principal goal of the Chinese spatial program – will be preceded by another mission, a partially complete orbiting space laboratory along the lines of the International Space Station.


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