NASA begins preparing a new team of astronauts for its future missions in space


One of the required conditions for a candidate to be eligible was to previously accumulating up to 1,000 hours of piloting jets. They will have to complete two years of training prior to be allowed to flight in space. The list of selected candidates was made public inside the Johnson Space Center’s Space Vehicle Mockup Facility in front of a full-scale engineering model of ’s Orion spacecraft. Vice President Mike Pence joined leaders at the ceremony. He transmitted also the message of the President Trump promising the necessary resources to develop its spatial programs.

The legislation now gives support for two of ’s biggest human spaceflight programs: the Space Launch Systems heavy-lift rocket and the Orion human spaceflight capsule. President Trump will also reinstate the National Space Council. Its activity will be intended  ro “re-energize the pioneering spirit of America in space.” An encouraging message was transmitted in the final of his speech by Mike Pence, who said: “As American astronauts, you may return our nation to the moon. You may be the first to travel to Mars. You may have experiences that we can only imagine, those of us that walk on terra firma. But as you go forth be assured: the American people stand with you.”


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