Elon Musk expects to send humans to Mars by 2026


wants to send humans to Mars by 2026, before . The SpaceX founder told last week speaking on the audio-only Clubhouse app that his goal was to establish a self-sustaining Martian civilisation using the massive Starship spacecraft. He expects complications to appear. Musk said if you have a large fully reusable rocket with orbital refuelling and ‘high-efficiency low cost propellant’ then you can go to Mars. He hopes to get the journey time from Earth to Mars down from the current six month minimum to just a single month in the future. The latest ‘SN9’ Starship prototype is due to undergo a high attitude test flight in the coming days.


The 16-story-tall rocket will be powered up to suborbital heights from the Boca test facility in Texas by three raptor engines. After a series of successful test flights, Musk hopes to send an uncrewed Starship to Mars and back at some point in 2024 before a crewed flight in 2026. „What comes first – a self-sustaining city on Mars or World War Three?’ was a key question. Musk’ ambition about Mars i to „terraform” the planet.