NASA’s “Cubes in space” project has a winner


This project, named  by its author “KalamSat” after India’s nuclear scientist and former President, APJ Abdul Kalamwas, one of the 80 experiments selected through “Cubes in Space,” a student competition organized by NASA and the education company I Doodle Learning, contest which received more than 86,000 submissions from 57 countries. NASA even will send the tiny box on a four-hour, suborbital spaceflight June 22. It will only operate for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment. It’s main purpose is to “demonstrate the performance of 3D-printed carbon” and see if the material can withstand the launch. Shaarook also invented a helium weather balloon when he was 15, is the lead scientist at Space Kids India. Shaarook is  also a subscriber of the  NASA Kid’s Club. NASA uses scientific balloons to launch the Cubes in spaces projects.


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