The Christmas Star is on the sky


In the Bible, the appears in the nativity story to guide three “wise men from the East” to the newly-born King of the Jews.The „Star of Bethlehem” will be visible again on the sky after hundreds years. Jupiter and Saturn are set to cross paths in the night sky, appearing to the naked eye as a “double planet”. The planets were moving closer together each night and are on their closest point on December 21. Planet conjuctions are not particularly rare, but this one is special. The two planets – the largest in the Solar System and some of the brightest objects visible in the night sky – have not been this close to each other in a dark sky for 800 years. The planets will be visible in clear southwest skies.


People will be able to see the phenomenon for about an hour after sunset. As Prof Eric M Vanden Eykel, a professor of religion from Ferrum College in Virginia, pointed out in an online article the timing has led to a lot of speculation “about whether this could be the same astronomical event that the Bible reports led the wise men to Joseph, Mary and the newly born Jesus”. The ancients believed that astronomical phenomena were connected to terrestrial events. Many Christians believe the star was a miraculous sign.