Elon Musk may be infected with Covid-19 just before the launch of the manned mission to the ISS


After testing many times positive and negative for the new coronavirus in the same day, because he could have infection, Elon Musk must quarantine during SpaceX astronaut launch Sunday, NASA decided. Musk issued a brief series of tweets overnight, stating that he had “mild sniffles,” a “cough” and “slight fever” for the past few days. routine press briefing, NASA and SpaceX officials at Kennedy Space Center said the contact tracing was largely complete, and they determined no one who is essential to this weekend’s mission was at risk of exposure to Covid-19. The astronauts are almost certainly not at risk. For two weeks prior to launch, they have been in “hard quarantine,” meaning they were “totally isolated” and unable to be in close proximity to anyone outside of the launch team, even their families. SpaceX’s head of human spaceflight programs, Benji Reed, said that SpaceX’s mission control center in Hawthorne, California is abiding by strict health and safety rules.


Members of the public are warned too. „If you come out to watch the launch…please wear your masks and and follow social distancing guidelines. Do the right things there to keep everybody safe.” The mission is slated to take off Sunday at 7:27 pm ET. The original launch date was Saturday evening, but officials delayed that earlier today due to unfavorable weather conditions. In a recent interview with journalist Kara Swisher, Musk doubled down on his skepticism, saying he would not take a Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available and insisted that stay-at-home orders designed to thwart the virus’s spread did more harm than good.