Wedding rings from space, a romantic idea sustained by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet


He brought on space for them a silver pair of wedding rings in his hand luggage. His friends will use them to get married after Pesquet returns from space. He will be back on Earth on June. “Wedding rings from space, now that’s a grand romantic gesture,” Pesquet wrote in a Tweeter post.(What a great idea, this could be a business subject in the future, we think, maybe other tiny objects could be transported on space, eventually serving big motivational occasions !) Pesquet isn’t married, he does have a girlfriend who works at the United Nations in Rome. Pesquet was selected by ESA as a candidate in May 2009, and he successfully completed his basic training in November 2010. . He is an outdoor and adventure activities enthusiast, and enjoys mountain biking, kite surfing, sailing, skiing and mountaineering but at the same time scuba diving and parachuting.


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