China prepares to launch its first cargo spacecraft


Developed by the China Academy of Space Technology, Tianzhou 1 is 10.6 meters long and has a diameter of 3.35 m.  It will be launched aboard a Long March 7-Y2 carrier rocket which will arrive at the launch center some time in March, China’s space program. includes landing a probe on the dark side of the moon and a lunar sample return mission, as well as a permanently manned orbital space station. The construction of the space station will become in 2018. Another spacecraft, Tiangong-3, will be ready by 2022, as a full-fledged space station. The first Chinese astronaut was in space in 2003. Two  others astronauts were on a month-long mission to the Tiangong-2 lab in 2016. China is one of the only three countries to have landed a rover on the moon, a feat it performed in 2013.


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