The International Space Station Advisory Committee has concerns about SpaceX fueling process


The International Space Station Advisory Committee said Monday “this is a hazardous operation.” SpaceX and Boeing have contracts with to eventually fly astronauts up to the International Space Station and now SpaceX is not in the most comfortable position. A member of the International Space Station advisory committee asked Monday how will evaluate the safety of SpaceX’s fueling procedure when astronauts are on board as part of the commercial crew program. SpaceX’s investigation of the cause of the explosion  has narrowed to one of three composite overwrapped pressure vessels, which store helium that helps pressurize the tank in the rocket’s second stage. “I’m not aware that in any other U.S. human spaceflight launch, the booster is fueled after the crew is aboard,” said John Logsdon, professor emeritus of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University. “It’s a deviation from the norm, and that’s bound to raise concerns.”


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