The Schiaparelli probe possibly landed on Mars surface but can’t send signals to Earth


“This included the deceleration through the atmosphere, and the parachute and heat shield deployment, for example,” the agency confirmed. However the signals stopped shortly before the module was expected to touchdown on the surface.The European Space Agency revealed that although the landing unit Schiaparelli is believed to have successfully landed on Mars, it was not be able to communicate back with Earth. They said that even though they can’t get a signal from the surface, they recorded plenty of data during the descent that will help with future missions. “Schiaparelli’s primary role was to test European landing technologies. Recording the data during the descent was part of that, and it is important we can learn what happened, in order to prepare for the future,” Jan Wörner, ESA’s Director General, said. Despite the fact the probe failed to achieve a soft landing, the mothership that carried it to Mars has successfully achieved orbit.


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