Apollo 11 astronauts came up with this alternative to life insurance


Space exploration is not without risks. There have been a couple of accidents, and in some of them people have died. History shows us that dangers still exist today.

Apollo 11 crew size was of three. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two humans to step on the moon. Michael Collins, the third member remained in orbit until his astronaut colleagues returned from the surface of the moon. The journey to the moon and back lasted 8 days.

The astronauts knew they needed a way to really ensure that their families have everything they need in case the lunar expedition proves to be a failure. But what alternatives to life insurance are there? The astronauts were famous since the day they were announced to be the first people to go to the moon. A month before Apollo’s launch the astronauts signed hundreds of envelopes during their quarantine. These covers were given to friends that sent them to their families on important dates such as the launch date or the moon landing date.

Robert Pearlman, a space historian and collector with collectspace.com declared: “If they did not return from the moon, their families could sell them — to not just fund their day-to-day lives, but also fund their kids’ college education and other life needs”. These autographs started showing up in the late ’90s in space memorabilia auctions. The selling price for an autograph given by the Apollo 11 crew is up to $30000.


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