The one full year Mars mission simulation organized by NASA ended in Hawaii


The -funded study run by the University of is the longest of its kind. The study designers described the used habitat: “It is an open concept design that includes common areas such as kitchen, dining, bathroom with shower, lab, exercise, and work spaces. A second floor loft spans an area of 424 square feet and includes six separate bedrooms and a half bath. In addition, a 160 square foot workshop converted from a 20 foot long steel shipping container is attached to the habitat.”

This was the fourth such mission organized by . Earlier missions have each lasted four or eight months. This time the crew included a physician, a hydrologist from Montana, an MIT-trained engineer and pilot, a French astrobiologist and an architecture student from Tongji University in Shanghai. It seems that the lack of privacy for one year was the most difficult thing to try.


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